After 30 years of accumulating stuff it is now time to decrease stuff.

Sounds easy, but I have been kind of been putting it off. But now time has come to reduce some of our belongings.

So welcome to my online yard sale. The items listed here will always change.

Some items are easy to ship and will be labeled as such, but others are just too heavy and will be tagged for local pickup only.

Let me know which Yard Sale Item(s) you are interested in and when you want to come for pickup.

Used Books

  • Crafts Books, 2007 & 2009 standup bead-a-day beading calendars with 100s of designs
  • Cook Book
  • Inspirational Books
  • Paperbacks

Household Items

  • Electric Microgreen Sprouter – no need for soil or sunlight
  • Zen Garden (2 rectangular, 1 square)
  • 24% Lead Crystal Rectangular Cake Plate and glass cake plate
  • Vintage CBC mugs
  • 3 piece tea cup

Used Clothes

  • Large long women’s acrylic sweater. It is nice and warm, but I drown in it since I have lost weight. It is in perfect condition. Looks like new.
  • Large women’s Roots Athletic sweatshirt. It is way too big for me and is in great condition.
  • Pale Pink Calvin Klein XS Woman’s Fleece Jacket. It is in excellent condition, hardly worn.

Indoor Plants

  • Aloe Vera (succulent) – easy to take care of
  • Coming soon – Kalanchoe (succulent) – easy to take care of

Outdoor Plants

Coming in spring