Red Flowering Kalanchoe Succulent Plants

Kalanchoe plants are succulents, robust and hassle-free house plants that grow easily in pots. They are easily cloned. With little care, you can grow one for many years.

It is best grown in a sunny position, but you can also grow it in indirect light or shade.
It likes occasional water and can live for a long time without water.

Tall Red Flowering Kalanchoe


tall kalanchoe plant

I have two pots

Baby Kalanchoe Plants in one Pot

Each pot is $18

kalanchoe plants

This pot has 4 baby plants in it. I have 4 pots with multiple plants

Red Flowering Individual Baby
Kalanchoe Plants in Toilet Paper Rolls

Each individual plant for $5

red flowering kalanchoe plants

I have 8 baby plants in toilet paper rolls

Buy 1 individual kalanchoe,
prickly aloe, jade and aloa vera plants.
for $ 18

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