House Plants

On top of a being a prolific creator I also have a green thumb and periodically have to reduce the number of plants I have in the house.

The plants have to go before the end of March.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is not a bamboo at all, but a plant belongs to Dracaena family. It is an to easy-care houseplant. Provide it abundant water and it’ll grow well even in indirect light.Protect the plant from drafts and provide iron fertilizer occasionally.

  • Small lucky bamboo in water
    $5 | small container
  • lucky bamboo in water
    $10 | medium container
  • lucky bamboo planted in earth
    $15 | large potted plant

Prickly Aloes and Cactus

Plants from the aloe family are robust and hassle-free houseplants that grow easily in pots. With little care, you can grow one for many years. Best grown in a sunny position you can also grow in indirect light or shade. It likes occasional watering and can live for a long time without water.

Tip: Avoid excess watering.

  • prickly aloe in Christmas mug
    $5 | prickly aloe in snowman mug
  • prickly aloe and cactus
    $5 | prickly aloe and cactus


This house plant is perfect for low light areas as it grows well in shade. Keep the soil evenly moist and well drained and maintain the moderate room temperature.

Important: This plant is toxic to cats and dogs.

  • plant-in-earth
    $ 15 | Dieffenbachia
  • plant-in-earth
    $ 15 | Dieffenbachia

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